This document outlines the terms and conditions for all users who access the website. You accept the terms set here, when you visit the website. Should you choose not accept the terms and conditions, you should cease to access the website. is entitled to amend the terms anytime with no prior announcement. Any change that is made shall come into effect the moment it is published. It shall be the user’s responsibility to be aware of the modifications that have been made. If you continue accessing the website, you agree to the new terms that have been set.

1. Copyright, Licenses and Idea Submissions owns the intellectual rights to any content published on the website. You shall not republish, reproduce, claim as your own, rent or sell any content on the website. This includes all text, multimedia and other material on the website.

You are allowed to use some portions of the website for non-commercial purposes, on the condition that you consent not to modify any content or copyright notices.

2. Use of the Site

Limitation of Liability shall not be deemed liable for

(i) Any loss or damages that may be a result of using the website directly, or through indirect means such as digital products and services that may be downloaded or accessed or any information published on the site or any transactions that were done through the website.

(ii) Any claim that may be due to a result of any errors, omissions or information that may be published on the website. reserves to use the maximum possible limitation of liability that the law permits. cannot be held responsible for any third-party website, that may link to this website, even if you are directed to it from a link on this website. has no control over which can be accessed in an unencrypted form, and thus cannot be held responsible for any content that may be accessed on the latter.

3. Privacy Policy

We agree not to sell or reveal any of your personally identifiable data to third parties. We will uphold your privacy to protect any data that we may collect, when you visit our website or register for an account or buy something through our website.

4. Payment

Transactions that are initiated on our website are bound by privacy policy and terms and conditions. Any transaction which is redirected from our website, to a third-party website, shall be governed by its own terms and conditions. You are advised to check the respective website for additional information on its privacy policy.

5. Delivery

The license for any premium product that you purchase, will only be sent to the email address that was used during the registration. The email will be delivered only after we have verified the payment has been made.

Information related to any free product that you registered for, shall be sent to your inbox. The details will also be displayed on the website for your convenience. You may revisit the website anytime to access your product information.

6. Security

You agree not to hack or damage using any tools, software, services, etc. Any unauthorized act which can pose a danger to the website, its servers, accounts, are prohibited.

Any user who violates this term grants the legal right to report the incident to other website administrators, in the interest of security. Violations of this term can also be investigated by the website.

7. Ownership

The website provides content and software without any liability. This deems that the company and its owner, staff shall not be held liable for any losses or damages you incur by accessing the website, data that may be published on the site, or through any product or service that you bought by following a link from the website.

The intellectual rights of the products and services that are featured the website, are the intellectual property of their respective companies. You shall not claim ownership over any content or product or service that you can access through the website.

8. Affiliate links We use affiliate links for premium products that are listed on the website . We may receive a compensation fee for any purchase made through a link from the website. You accept to support our website, when you access it or buy a product or subscription to a service that is linked from the website.