Privacy Policy for DiscountMyVpn

The following Privacy Policy explains the various types of data that are collected by DiscountMyVpn, and how we use them for.


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Amendments to our Privacy Policy

Any amendments made to our privacy policy, will be published on this page.

IP Addresses

The IP address of your internet connection maybe collected to ensure the safety of our website and its users (not the full ip address). We may use the data to learn about your usage of our website and its resources, including any communication, traffic or location data.


Why are cookies used?

All websites use cookies to function properly and are necessary to help personalize your session, including your selected language and also to manage your account on the website, and any site-specific settings.

We also use cookies to track affiliate sale activity.  Some merchants pay commission when you go to their site.

We respect your privacy. Your personal information is not shared with us using cookies. We agree not to share the information that is collected through cookies to identify anyone. We will not share or sell the data that we obtain with any third-party.

Please take a moment to visit and to learn more about cookies, and how you can delete or manage cookies.

Cookies that we use

Cleverbridge cookies are required to track affiliate sales, visits made from our website to a vendor’s website and checkout sessions that originate from our website.  You are advised to read the Cleverbridge privacy policy regarding any additional details.

Histats cookies may be used to analyze the traffic data. We advise you to refer to the Histats privacy policy for more information.

How to delete Cookies from your browser

All web browsers store cookies by default. You can control whether your browser should accept cookies and delete them if required.

Please be aware that disabling cookies in your browser not only applies to DiscountMyVpn. It disables the option universally in your browser for all websites that you visit

You can use the following links to learn how to delete the cookies from different browsers.

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